Financial Advisory

Key Features

  • Post-Trade Clients’ Portfolios management

  • Portfolio’s Consolidation

  • Daily valuation of the Assets and Portfolios

  • Automatic loading of public data (Stock Exchange, CETIP, ANBIMA, etc.)

  • IR calculation, IOF and other taxes (including Gross-Up)

  • Portfolios may contain assets of all classes (Equities and Options, Derivatives, Public and Private Bonds, mutual funds and off-shore assets as well)

  • Multi-currency

  • Customer Portal (client access to your investment portfolio over the internet with multiple views of queries and graphics, including Mobile Application for iOS)

  • Automatic & schedulable reports can be emailed to customers

  • Easy integration with industry standard broker dealers formats (Sinacor)

  • Investors Suitability

  • Compliance (flexible restriction rules for legal/managerial constraints)

  • Multiple cash accounts, cash flow, Settlement and Cash.

  • Portfolios NAV calculation and ROI versus benchmarks (including performance attribution)

  • Return and risk metrics (comparative returns, vol, sharpe, VAR, etc.)

  • Management Fees calculation (including Performance Fee, brokerage and Rebates)

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