Custodians and Fund Administrators

Key Features

  • Mutual Funds and Individual Portfolios management

  • Consolidation of investment portfolios

  • Multi-currency control, enabling to monitor the portfolio in original currency or any other currency

  • Custody and financials reconciliation (using XML ANBIMA)

  • Analysis of performance indicators and risk (comparative return, vol, sharpe, Sortino, tracking error, VAR etc.), creating custom benchmarks, simulation of theoretical portfolio, generating blades.

  • Performance attribution

  • Fund rebate calculation

  • Scheduled report generation that can be sent to the investors by email

  • Automatic user notification about the workflow status

  • Easy integration with internal legacy systems

  • Depositaries connectivity (CETIP, SELIC, BVMF)

  • Fees calculations and provisioning (Admin, Performance, Custodial, etc.)

  • Built-in Transfer Agency System

  • Market Risk analytics

  • Scheduled batch processing

  • Built-in General Ledger

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