Whether it is focusing on what is really important to our clients and our company or simply applying common sense to complex problems our people make the difference. Our people are constantly pushing to improve themselves, our company and the solutions we provide to our clients.
o Whether we are working internally or alongside our clients, our ability to work together and share ideas is vital so we can do the best for our clients and our company. Combining the best people with great teamwork enables us to produce the best results. No matter what your role is within the company, your contribution has a direct impact on the results of both our company as well as our clients.
Everybody within our company has a voice and must express their ideas. We expect everyone to contribute and act as a leader. Whether it is a new graduate or a veteran employee we are building a sustainable organization for the future of our company and clients.
We expect our people to work with the same integrity and ethics they have outside of the working environment to do the right thing within the office and for our clients as they would do for their family and community.
We must be driven to exceed our client’s expectations. Our success is directly related to our clients’ success therefore we must strive to do what benefits them most. We must strive for excellence but understand that goodness comes before greatness. We must continuously be looking to improve on who we are, what we do and how we do it.
We are in this business for the long-term. We are focused on the long-term goals for our clients as well as ourselves. We must manage the costs under our control and manage the business priorities for the long-term goals of our company and our clients.
Our reputation represents who we are, it takes years to build up but it can be negatively impacted in hours. We must view our reputation and that of our clients as being one and the same and value it as one of our most important asset.
Our mission is to develop software solutions, technology and specific advice for GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS.

The executive board of Britech has a deep knowledge of technology and services to the financial market, and especially in application activities and business processes characteristic of the sector - which has allowed us to anticipate the needs of our customers.

The excellence of our products and services is supported by a rigorous recruitment policy, investment in training and commitment to quality. Our professional, highly skilled, have certifications in PMI, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Sun, as well as certificates of specialist associations for the Financial Markets.

Yuryi Ferber

Founder and CEO
Yuryi Ferber founded BRITech in late 2011. A successful entrepreneur with a 20 year track record, Yuryi was previously CEO and founder of YMF, a leading financial software company with 300 employees that was later sold to TOTVS. A well respected authority in the Brazilian technology sector, Yuryi is often called upon to advise firms and individuals on IT best practice and solutions. Before founding YMF, Yuryi spent 8 years in the Investment Bank GARANTIA as a Trader and Portfolio Manager.

James Harrison

Co-Founder and CTO
James Harrison is co-founder of BRITech, heads the R&D center in London and is responsible for setting the company’s technical direction. Over the past 15 years, working at Fidessa, James has established a strong reputation for developing and delivering robust high performance trading platforms in London, Hong Kong, New York and Sao Paulo. His experience and global perspective enables the company to leverage different approaches and exploit the latest technologies in its solutions.

Fernando Braga

Britech Co-founder and Business Unit Leader
Fernando Braga is computer engineer from PUC / RJ, with a MBA in Finance from Insper Institute. As a technology professional, he is dedicated to providing services to the financial market. Having an experience that mounts almost 20 years in Asset Management and Treasury areas, he previously worked as a partner at YMF and has in his curriculum many accomplishments one of them being the developer of the first version of YMF / SAC. He also played a role as manager of the Market Risk Treasury area at Itaú-Unibanco, recently he was the Murex Project Executive consultant in the IT department of HSBC Treasury area, representing BRITech. Nowadays, he acts in ATLAS/PAS system as a Project Owner.

Luis Fiore

Business Unit Leader
Luis Fiore joined BRITech in 2013. Luis is an established senior software engineer with more than 15 years experience in managing the software development process in the Brazilian financial markets. Prior to BRITech, Luis was a senior development manager at TOTVS.

Raul Tortima

Software Engineering
Raul has a Bachelor of Business Administration, a bachelor of Computer Science, and a Masters of Finances from IBMEC - RJ. Raul has more than 20 years of experience in the financial markets, having worked for different financial institutions. In 2007 Raul founded Atatika, a software company that provided solutions for the financial segment. In 2014, after the merger of BRITech and Atatika, he is involved in consulting and mentoring for the internal teams of Britech.

Eduardo de Freitas

Chief Software Maintenance
Eduardo has a broad experience in the financial market, particularly in the buy-side. He joined Atatika in 2012, which was then merged with BRITech. Since then, he has been responsible for managing and helping all software development phases of the Atlas/PAS platform.

Marcos Puccini

Chief Operation Officer & Corporate Strategy
Marcos Puccini joined BRITech in 2014 and is responsible for corporate strategy, acquisitions and organization development. Marcos has over 20 years experience in the technology industry, most recently in executive roles focused on strategic planning. Prior to BRITech he held roles at TOTVS, DATASUL, and BEMATECH.

Luiz Eduardo Gasparelo

Sales & Customers Relations
Luiz Gasparelo joined BRITech in 2011 and is responsible for leading sales, business development and managing client relationships. Luiz has 20 years of experience in the Brazilian financial markets, applying his business expertise to product development and implementation at Bradesco, YMF, DATASUL and TOTVS.

Carlos Werneck

Business Unit Leader
Economist from Rio de Janeiro, founding partner and COO of Cyrnel International since 2008. Carlos Werneck joined Britech in 2015 with the acquisition of Cyrnel and now he is the executive partner responsible for Risk Atlas Hub solution.